Educating Our Future

Educating Our Future


Course Description:

This course provides information covering educational directions, problems, reforms and current trends.  Coverage and discussion of educational legislation regarding past, current and future classroom curriculum will provide a broad perspective of the future of education


 Be informed regarding the changes in education that will affect the acquisition of skills and knowledge for successful learning.

Awaken insight into the concepts of education that will help teachers use their creative and critical thinking skills to enhance daily lessons.   

Impact on PK-12 Student Achievement and Classroom Application

      Student achievement is directly related to the overall understanding of the past, present and future evolution of education.  We do not know what new occupations will be needed even five years down the line. With knowledge of the past, its shortfalls and achievements, we can learn what might influence the present and future outcome  in education and this may give our students an advantage for the future.


The required readings are found in the text and a series of articles on the Internet.  The required text is: Alfie Kohn, (2004). What Does It Mean: To Be Well Educated?  MA: Beacon Press

 2 Semester credits Ed501

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