Understanding Dyslexia

Understanding Dyslexia


This course aims to provide an understanding about students with Dyslexia and how they can become more encouraged with their reading and writing problems through better understanding of their unique difficulty.  The course information will shed light on the problems and strategies the child can understand and use to become a reader and a writer.  The course provides resources, strategies and insights and is a valuable resource for helping students and those who teach them learn and understand about Dyslexia.

2 Semester Credits, ED 501

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Learning Outcomes

  • Information for renewing your student’s confidence and love of learning.

  • Information on building and identifying your student’s strengths

  • Learning the best practices for accommodations and the latest technologies

Text:  Foss, Ben. (2013). The Dyslexia Empowerment Plan. New York, NY: Ballantine Books

Requirements of Participation

Class assignments and activities are designed to enhance students’ education and develop their skills in research, critical analysis, and academic writing, collaborative work.