The Social and Academic Mix Between Children, Teens, and the Web

The Social and Academic Mix Between Children, Teens, and the Web


Ever feel concerned about the youth and their relationship to media, I-phones and the like.  This researcher from microsoft writes a reassuring book on the subject regarding her research of teens and social media.  She offers this book free online.

2 Semester Credits, ED 501

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Course Description:

This course aims to provide insight about the networked lives of children and teens, how they use their communication and media devices (I-Phones, tablets, computers) in their lives, socially and academically. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the progression of the web, and how we use it to socialize and access the Internet for learning

  • Insight in the life of toddler, kindergarten through high school, and the paradigm shift due to use of the Web

  • Learn about the social outcomes through the use of devices (I-phones, tablets, i-Pads, computers)

Text:  boyd, danah. (2014). it’s complicated:  the social lives of networked teens.   NY: McMillan

The book may be found at Amazon or at any retail store.  An online version of the work is made available under a Creative Commons license for use that is noncommercial.  For a digital copy of the work, please see the author’s website at

Requirements of Participation

Reading the text, accessing the websites and videos, and personal research will aid in comprehend the paradigm shift in education and the social lives of all ages of young people.

Class assignments and activities are designed to enhance student education and develop their skills in research, critical analysis, and academic writing.  An essay is required at the closing of the class.