The Maker Movement in the Classroom

The Maker Movement in the Classroom


This course aims to provide teachers with information on using the maker movement to help students become learners through experience. The maker movement is the use of making, tinkering and engineering in the classroom using all kinds of information, tools, materials and electronics in researching, building and reporting on projects.

2 Semester Credits, ED 501

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Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the concept and importance of the maker movement

  • Equip centers with materials and tools for making creating and inventing

  • Encourage students through promoting courage, independence experimentation and honest good work

  • Create, invent, make something in relationship to the text content.

Text: Martinez, S Stager, G. (2013). Invent to learn:  making, tinkering, and engineering in the classroom. CA: Constructing Modern Knowledge Press  

Requirements of Participation

Reading the text, accessing the websites and videos. The student will write a reflection on each of the five lessons.

The student will create/invent/make something, take a picture of it and they write a essay on what it might be and what it was constructed with and what might its purpose be, etc.