Classroom Innovation

Classroom Innovation


This course will help students understand innovation within the classroom, learn about the need to embrace new technologies for learning’s sake and to improvise to empower students to seek out learning, to unleash one’s talents, develop a sense of curiosity and use of creativity, all this with strategies, ideas, and a positive mindset towards innovation.

2 Semester Credits, ED 501

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Learning Outcomes: 

  • Learn information and characteristics about the innovative mindset

  • Gain knowledge to help students achieve through empowerment, talent, curiosity and creativity

  • Review the factors for success to look for in todays classroom

Text: Couros, G. (2015). The Innovator’s Mindset: learning, talent, creativity. CA. Dave Burgess Consulting.Inc.

Reference text: Kolderie, T . (2014). The split screen strategy: improvement + innovation. MN. Beaver’s Pond Press, Inc.(Free download) Retrieved from: 

Reading the text, accessing the websites and videos, and personal research will aid in comprehending the paradigm shift in education and the social lives of all ages of young people.

Class assignments and activities are designed to enhance students’ education and develop their skills in research, critical analysis, and academic writing.  An essay is required at the closing of the class.