Gifted, Talented and Failing

Gifted, Talented and Failing


This course will present information about gifted and bright students, understanding their sensitivities and problems, and the challenges and resources necessary to get the education that nurtures their talents and minds.

2 Semester Credits, ED 501

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Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the personal traits and characteristics of each different person and appreciate how it pertains to their individual uniqueness

  • Learn ways to provide students with opportunities of creativity and challenges 

  • Learn the importance of giving choices and the allowing of making independent plans for independent learning

  • Learn the importance of mentoring or apprenticeship with professionals as well as tutoring/peer coach

Text:  Davidson, J. & B.  (2004).  Genius denied.  NY: Simon & Schuster

Requirements of Participation:  Reading the text, accessing the websites and videos, and personal research will aid in appreciating the individual uniqueness of each gifted child.  Class assignments and activities are designed to enhance students’ education and develop their skills in research, critical analysis, and academic writing.  Students will provide five reflections, include a review of two journal articles and a written essay regarding to the class subject.