Autism in Your Classroom

Autism in Your Classroom


This course aims to provide current information about Autism and the Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASDs.  We’ll learn about types, causes, characteristics and treatment. This course emphasizes methods and ideas for teachers to help students in the classroom who are on the spectrum.

Semester Credits, ED 501

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Understands Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders, the causes and impact

  • Understands the behavior and learning characteristics of the autistic student

  • Understands the educational implications, learning abilities, and motor issues

  • Review the academic approaches and instructional strategies used in helping autistic spectrum students

  • Learn of the inclusive classroom and the teacher and staff’s role in support of the Autistic student

Text:  Fein, D. & Dunn, M. (2007). Autism in your Classroom.  MD: Woodbine House

Requirements of Participation

Reading the text, accessing the websites and videos, and personal research will aid in understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and encourage you to develop skills to help and motivate students on the spectrum.

Class assignments and activities are designed to enhance participants’ education and develop their skills in research, critical analysis, academic writing, collaborative work. 

Participants will complete the readings, research, reflections and essay to achieve the course objectives.